Micro and Small Enterprise Contractors Development Database


The Service Provider Database (SPD) maintains a database of organisations, institutions and individuals who can provide goods and services. The Service Provider Database (SPD) will serve as the single source of key supplier information providing consolidated, accurate, up-to-date, complete and verified supplier information to the North West University.
Prospective suppliers interested in pursuing opportunities at the North West University are encouraged to self-register on the Service Provider Database (SPD). This self-registration application represents an expression of interest from the supplier to conduct business with the North West University. Once submitted, your company details will be available to serve the North West University with relevant procurement.
The Service Provider Database (SPD) is a single source of all supplier information for all spheres of the North West University. Prospective suppliers interested in pursuing opportunities must self-register, maintain and update information accordingly.
All suppliers are required to provide the required information on the Service Provider Database (SPD) as a matter of compliance and must ensure that the required information is complete, accurate and comprehensive. It remains the supplier’s responsibility to confirm that they are registered on Service Provider Database (SPD).

The NWU will:
1. Treat the personal information supplied as strictly confidential;
2. Ensure the appropriate technical and organisational measures is taken to keep your personal information secure and is protected.
3. Notify you if we become aware of any unauthorised use, disclosure or processing of the information supplied;
4. We will not retain your personal information if you request for the removal thereof, unless it is required by law enforcement or any law.
5. Use the information supplied to analize, evaluate and process for procurement purposes where applicable and to the guidelines and procedures of the procurement department

You have the right at any time to:
1. Rectify the Personal Information shared to the NWU;
2. Request the return or destruction of Personal Information (subject to legislation);
3. Lodge a complaint with the NWU through the procedures.

Information will not be routed or transferred to any other organization. The NWU will not be liable when information is disclosed outside reasonable control.
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